Loans Against Diamonds and Jewellery

Did you know that your diamonds and jewellery could be the route to a short-term, low-interest and hassle-free loan? With Bonds Pawnbroker, you can get just that!

Diamonds and jewellery have been prized for their beauty for millennia. The enduring value of diamonds is undisputed and investing in quality diamonds is a shrewd move. The current market trends suggest that diamonds and jewellery may be the closest thing to a guaranteed investment that you are likely to find. Of course, ensuring you purchase a certified diamonds is vital.

A diamond certificate is issued following an unbiased and professional examination of the stone to ensure that it is what the dealer says it is.

How does pawnbroking work?

  • Bonds are an international diamonds and jewellery dealers and we source and distribute the finest from all over the world.
  • As such we are perfectly placed to appraise your diamonds and jewellery and make a genuine offer to buy, based on the quality of your gemstones and their current market value.
  • Alternatively, we will be happy to offer you a loan based on the same appraisal value.
  • Please check out our dedicated how it works page for detailed steps on the process.

You can pawn a diamond ring, engagement or wedding ring, or just about any kind of diamond jewellery with Bonds Pawnbroker! Whatever diamonds or jewellery you choose to bring to us, we will note down all of the details such as the carat, colour and clarity. We’ll then consider all of these factors to provide you with the very best loan amount, along with professional expert advice. There are various reasons as to why people opt for a diamond or jewellery loan. It could be due to a financial crisis, the need to generate instant money or it’s a piece that you’re happy to loan against to buy something new. Loans against diamonds and jewellery are one of the best ways to acquire money in a short amount of time.

With over 70 years of experience in the diamonds and jewellery trade, Bonds’ expert team is dedicated to ensuring that your dealings with us are completely satisfactory. Your gemstones will be professionally evaluated according to their: carat weight, clarity, colour, measurements and for round cut stones, their cut grade. For diamonds over 0.30ct, the existing diamond certificate should already provide this information. Bonds Pawnbroker are known as one of the most trusted and well-recognised pawnbrokers in Essex. We have years of experience in dealing with luxury goods, and our impeccable knowledge and experience enable us to provide the very best loans. As a trustworthy, transparent and secure service, we are here to help you pawn your luxury items for an excellent quick cash loan.

We will provide you with a cash loan offer for your diamonds and/or jewellery, based on the current market value and other essential aspects of it, like the carat weight, clarity, colour and measurements. You are able to repay your loan early at any time without penalty and loan terms are for a fixed period. Bonds of Brentwood have been a principal player in buying and selling diamonds and jewellery for over a decade.

Sell your Diamonds and Jewellery for Cash

We’ll buy your Diamonds and Jewellery for cash today, if you are looking to sell your Jewellery we will assess your Diamonds or Jewellery in a safe and professional environment here at Bonds of Brentwood with one of our experts, we’ll offer the best possible price in correlation with the condition of your items. For more information contact us today.

Contact us today to secure a loan against diamonds and jewellery

For more information on how to secure a loan against your diamonds and jewellery, please get in touch with the helpful Bonds Pawnbroker team today. We aim to secure the best possible loans on all luxury goods, including watches, art, gold and vehicles.

Please, forward pictures or details of your goods for our team to give you an update valuation or pop in store.
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