Loans against Luxury Goods

As well as precious metals, diamonds and prestige watches, Bonds are also interested in luxury goods such as: fine art, fine wines, private number plate, antiques and collectables. These are items that tend to hold their value as time passes.
We would be happy to discuss buying or offering a loan secured against your luxury items.

How Do I Secure Loans Against Luxury Goods?

  • Bonds have been handling luxury goods for generations and have a team of experts available to appraise your luxury goods and make a genuine offer to buy or loan against your luxury goods based on its current market value and the quality of the object.

Buying Luxury Goods & Loaning against Luxury Goods

Much like diamonds and watches, luxury goods such as designer handbags, fine art and quality antiques can hold and even increase their value depending on the popular trends of the time.
You may be interested to sell your luxury goods as you no longer need them or have since replaced it with something else. You might even be looking to sell your luxury goods to fund a new luxury purchase.
Alternatively, if you can’t bear to part with your luxury goods but need a short-term and low-interest loan – securing a loan against your luxury goods can be a convenient way for you to secure some capital or fund an unexpected expense.

Bonds of Brentwood have been dealing with luxury goods for generations and have plenty of experience in dealing with a whole range of luxury items from designer handbags to fine art. We have a team of experts ready to appraise your items and offer a genuine valuation and offer loans against luxury goods.
Because of this experience and knowledge, we can provide the very best loans and offer a transparent and secure service to help you pawn your luxury item and secure a loan against your luxury goods.

Once we have valued your luxury items, we will provide you with a cash loan offer for your luxury item based on its current market value and quality. You can then repay your loan early at any time without penalty and all loan terms are for a fixed period.

Sell Your Luxury Goods

If you are looking to sell your luxury goods to make some money or to put towards a new purchase, we’ll buy your luxury goods for cash today. Simply bring your item to our safe and professional environment at Bonds of Brentwood and one of our experts specialised in the item will appraise your item and in most cases is able to offer you money there and then for your item.
If you’re wondering ‘where can I sell my luxury goods?’ and want to ensure you get the best and fairest price for your item and receive cash quickly – then look no further – Bonds of Brentwood are happy to help. If you want more information on how to sell luxury goods – contact us today.

Contact us today to secure a loan against luxury goods

Bonds of Brentwood have been dealing in valuable items, of the finest quality, for generations. We are skilled in handling luxury goods and can assure you that any offer to buy or loan will be based on an appraisal by our team of experts.

We will offer you the best price possible in relation to the condition of your valuables and their resale potential.

Please, forward pictures or details of your goods for our team to give you an update valuation or pop in store.
Also visit us at: Bonds of Brentwood, 38a High Street, CM14 4AJ