We Buy Watches

Why Choose Bonds Watches?

Are you looking for someone to give you a great price for your watch? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Bonds Watches, we buy watches from customers looking to earn a little extra cash. It doesn’t matter if your watch is brand new or in less pristine condition – we’d love to take a look at it and give you a price.

Years of Experience

Our passion for watches knows no bounds, and we are always looking for new pieces to add to our range. We’ve built up a reputation as one of the best places to shop for watches in Essex, and that’s all down to people like you! We look at all kinds of watches, from ones by luxury brands such as Rolex, to more unique timepieces. We know what to look for in a watch, and we will be able to spot what is special about yours. The price that we give you will be truly reflective of your watch, so you can count on getting the best possible deal when you sell to us.

We Buy Watches, No Matter Their Condition

Here at Bonds Watches, we will buy all premier watches, no matter what condition they are in. We’ll pay premium prices for watches that are in mint condition and have the original box and papers. So if you have kept hold of those, you will be able to attract an even better price for your watch! We do buy watches in all kinds of different conditions, so if your watch has seen better days, we will still be able to offer you a great price.

We Buy Watches Internationally

While we are based in Essex, we aren’t just looking to buy watches in the county and the immediate surrounding areas. We actually have a global reputation, and we’re also willing to fly both domestically and internationally to buy important watches and collections. If you are based a little further afield, just let us know where and we will come to an arrangement as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re the watch specialists that so many customers know that they can count on.

Secure Payments

When it comes to paying for your watch, we do so in the most professional, transparent way. All our transactions are confidential, safe and secure. So you can give us your details with total confidence, knowing that we’ll never pass them on to any third parties. If you need something else from us, it’s worth remembering that other services we provide include watch appraisals, watch restoration and auction placement.

Cut Out The Middleman

Unlike your local jeweller or estate buyer, we’re watch specialists who are up to date on watch market values. In fact, your local jeweller typically calls a company like us to carry out watch evaluations. By selling your watches directly to us you eliminate the middleman and ensure that you receive the top price for your watch.